Organic Spelt Hulls - (Husks)
  • Organic Spelt Hulls - (Husks)
  • Organic Spelt Hulls - (Husks)

Organic Spelt Hulls - (Husks)


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Moonleap Organic Spelt Hulls - (Husks)

Superior cheap alternative to buckwheat filling for use in meditation cushions, neck pillows, yoga bolsters, ergonomic supports and bean bags.

We have a large amount of high-grade organic spelt husk on offer at the lowest prices on the net.

Spelt husk sometimes called spelt hulls,  is an ancient species of wheat used in bedding and pillows for many centuries.

Compared with the more commonly used buckwheat cushion filling, spelt hull filling is lighter, softer and more breathable. Spelt is widely grown in Europe, but is still a speciality crop in the USA. Therefore spelt husk is not so well known and easy to find.

Our organic spelt husk is naturally hypoallergenic. We thoroughly clean dust and smaller particles from our stock to create a optimal cushion filling for those who suffer from allergies, asthma and sinus problems. Our spelt is certified organic, it is non toxic and has not chemical treatments. Spelt has a natural fresh grassy smell.

Long lasting stability and volume
Our spelt is resistant to insects, and doesn’t break down quickly. Even after prolonged use over many years in meditation cushions spelt husk retains its springy volume and soft feel without any need for replumping.

Excellent Breathability
Spelt is very breathable and is an excellent moisture regulator. Any humidity that is absorbed in use is readily released in dryer conditions. Air circulates easily throughout the hulls making it ideal for extended periods of use and regulating body temperature.

Spelt filled pillows can be put through the washer and dryer on the gentlest settings. Give spelt pillows plenty of time to air-out in dry conditions after washing before use.

Small spelt husk filled pillows and supports can be heated in the microwave to create heat pads to ease muscular tension and discomfort.

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