About Us

Our original goal in creating Moonleap was simple and specific: to provide a truly ergonomic meditation cushion using the highest quality sustainable materials to those meditators around the world who enjoy the benefits of cross legged sitting.  

In early 2012 Harvey Rayner, asked his wife Lauren to sew him a cushion based on a design he had been dreaming about for a number of years.

Harvey - “At this point we were not thinking about making a product we could sell, but simply, we were just hoping to create a more intelligently designed cushion for our own use. Having experimented with numerous traditional cushion types over the course of two decades I’d almost become resigned to believing numb legs and acute butt pain was an unavoidable consequence of long sitting. My design obsessed mind however, could never leave the problem alone and a conviction strengthened that there must be a better way to do this!”

After about 3 months research and development, amounting to about 20 prototypes the Moonleap meditation cushion was born.

Lauren - “In the subsequent years building Moonleap as a small manufacturer we have learnt a lot from our customers and continued to evolve our products. We are still a small family run company committed to ongoing innovative design, conscientious craftsmanship and genuine customer care. As a small company we can stay focused on our customers needs and stay committed to delivering the best quality product. In this way we continue to enjoy our work and the connections we form with our customers.”

Harvey Rayner: Product design and website

UK born Harvey continues to work on a broad spectrum of creative projects. hrayner.com is a site of artwork by Harvey created art using digital tools and geometric methods since the mid 90s. In recent years Harvey has also worked as a web developer creating patterncooler.com, which has grown to become a popular pattern design resource. Harvey is also an accomplished DIYer with a keen interest in green building technologies. In 2008 Harvey designed and built the first greenhouse structure utilizing dynamic liquid bubble insulation in Europe. He is an avid rock climber, enjoys walking and cooking and has maintained a daily Zen meditation practice for 20 years.

Lauren Rayner: Manufacture and customer service

US born Lauren loves to study and employ experimental permaculture methods for growing food and medicinal herb plants. In the UK she created a rare herb and edible plant nursery, selling to her customers online.  In the US Lauren plans to take a step further towards self-sufficiency by creating a food forest at the new family home. Lauren is also very passionate about animal welfare and using meditation to heal and communicate with all life on our colorful and beautiful planet.