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Ergonomic Moonleap meditation cushions

Recessed areas eliminate pressure where pelvic bones (sit bones) compresses buttocks causing pain and discomfort during prolonged sitting.

Conduit for Sciatic nerve where the thighs meets the buttocks, allowing the meditator to sit for longer without getting numb legs.

Soft foam Perineum support prevents meditator sliding forward without placing excessive pressure on Sciatic nerve or sensitive areas.

Firmer spelt filled outer cushion distributes meditator’s weight evenly over maximum area of the outer buttocks and upper thigh and away from more sensitive areas for optimal comfort.

High back and optimal contour to support correct forward pelvic tilt to aid effortless upright sitting.

The problems with traditional meditation cushions

Even a soft filled cushion can feel like a concrete block during periods of long meditation, especially where the pelvic bones (sit bones) compresses the buttocks. Most of the meditators weight is concentrated in this area when using a traditional cushion.

Continuous edges cuts into the back of the legs causing pressure on Sciatic nerve resulting in meditators legs falling asleep or intense pins and needles.

No additional support to promote forward tilting pelvis. With most of meditators weight concentrated on the backs of the legs, Perineum and Sit bones, the pelvis will want to rotate backward causing the meditator to slouch or over compensate by strongly engaging muscles in the legs and back. Using the muscles in the front thighs to rotate pelvis forward often produces tension in the groin and at the knees. Muscles in the back and chest can also fatigue quickly when trying to keep an upright posture without adequate support that sets the pelvis at the optimal angle.

Innovation, Craftsmanship and a Genuine Wish to Support

Moonleap Practice Resources

Harvey -"There are a multitude of teachings and resources articulating different meditation practices and ways to awakening. When we are truly committed to inner work we will find those teachings and practices that will resonate with the wisdom that is already waking up inside us. Many teachings and modes of practice are necessary because the propensities of each spiritual aspirant is different. Attempting to share what has been revealed during our own spiritual journey might, at best, inspire others, and at the very least, help us see where we stand on our own path."

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Here you can find tips and in depth guides to meditation, teachings from great meditation masters and personal stories of inner transformation and practice.

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