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supporting the practice of sitting meditation

Supporting the practise of sitting meditation in the heart of modern life

Whether you are just starting to explore meditation for the first time or whether you are looking to nourish a practise you have maintained for many years, this site has been created to offer you the following:-

  • Guides to Meditation: Practical guidance in establishing, maintaining and integrating a sitting meditation practise into your daily life. Whilst these guides have been created drawing, in particular, from the wisdom of the Zen school of Buddhism, the same themes are found in many meditative traditions. It is hoped they will prove helpful to all seeking guidance in meditation irrespective of personal faith or forms of practise.

About the Guides to Meditation

In identifying the themes and creating the content for these ‘Guides to Meditation' I have been led firstly by my own experience maintaining a 3 - 5 hour daily Zazen practice for nearly 2 decades whilst working and raising a family. If I cannot speak from personal experience when offering advice and encouragement to those trying to create a daily meditation practice in the midst of seemingly inconducive circumstances, what I say will be of little help.
Secondly, I was thinking about what material I found useful when I began to build the pattern of sitting in my daily life. Having sat initially for many years alone, I was totally reliant on the instruction I found in books. Some of the material I was fortunate enough to find was very practical, resonating with my Western concerns and sensibilities. These teachings helped me avoid patterns of energy-depleting-doubt that can quickly drain a practice of vitality.

I am aware there may be many people practicing alone in a similar way today who are now looking to the Internet for guidance. Whilst there is no substitute for practicing with others under the guidance of an authentic teacher, I know for some this will not be their present reality for whatever reasons.
It is to those people I am now reaching out my hands. I only have this meager stall of wisdom, but I hope there maybe something here for you that will bring energy and support to your practice. Inspiring you to seize this one precious opportunity to look deeply at your own true nature so that we together can transform the suffering in us, in our families, in society and in our beautiful planet.

If my own example inspires one person to sit and look into their own mind with honesty, if only on one occasion, then this project will have been worthwhile.

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