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Ergonomic Moonleap Meditation Cushion

Innovative three-piece crescent cushion developed over many years of experimentation and practice to give optimal support to Burmese and ~ quarter, half and full lotus ~ meditation postures

The Moonleap cushion is intelligently designed to support a forward pelvic tilt and remove pressure from the Sciatic nerve and more sensitive areas of the buttocks that can be compressed by the pelvic bones.

  • Supports forward pelvic tilt for effortless upright sitting
  • Contoured design distributes the meditator's weight evenly over maximum area of the buttocks and upper legs for optimal comfort
  • Eliminates compression of the Sciatic nerve, where the thighs meets the buttocks, allowing the meditator to sit for longer without getting numb legs
  • Removes the discomfort caused by the pelvic bones compressing the buttocks, experienced by some when using a conventional meditation cushion 
  • Organic spelt husk filling like traditional buckwheat husk filling displaces weight evenly yet is more breathable and lighter in weight
  • Constructed from heavy weight, non-slip fabrics sewn together with super strong upholstery grade thread

Please note: For those who are exploring the benefits of crossed legged meditation postures but who's knees will not come all the way down to the ground, we are currently designing another innovative solution just for you. Please sign up to our mailing list, if you want notification when this will become available.

A cure for numb legs during or after sitting

Pressure where the leg meets the buttocks can cause compression of the Sciatic nerve which often results in numb legs during or after sitting. The soft foam central cushion combined with the contoured outer cushions eliminate this problem to a significant extent.

Relief from "a pain in the butt"

For those with little meat on their rear and those of advancing years, the soft centre will also bring relief from pain felt during long sitting where the pelvic bones would normally compress the buttocks when using a conventional cushion.

How to sit on the Moonleap meditation cushion to help maintain a good upright sitting posture with optimal confort
Sitting well forward with Perineum on central cushion allows the outer cushion to support the peripheral area of the buttocks and legs and prevents the meditator from sliding forward. The steep pitch of the cushion under the top of the buttocks helps to rotate the pelvis forward without having to engage the abdomen or lower back muscles.Sitting too far back on the highest part of the cushion will not aid the forward tilt in the pelvis making the meditator more prone to slouching. When the pelvis is not set correctly there may develop a tendency to lean forward to minimise back fatigue. This is not ideal as it restricts the expansion in the front of the body necessary for full deep abdominal breathing.
Pulling the top cushion out and up around the outer mid thigh area will help to adjust for desired weight distribution in this area.

Tips on adjusting your meditation cushion

Made for long life

All Moonleap cushions are made from heavy weight, non-slip fabrics sewn together with super strong upholstery grade thread. Cushions are made to order here in the UK to the highest quality of finish. Much attention went into the design process to ensure that the cushions not only look beautiful, but will become a faithful support for your practice for many years to come.

Organic spelt husk filling for comfort, breathability and reduced weight

Moonleap cushions are stuffed firmly with organic spelt husk. Like buckwheat husk, spelt husk conforms naturally under pressure, but is lighter and more breathable than buckwheat. The spelt husk we use has a faint pleasant sweet grassy smell. Our cushions are shipped with an additional small quantity of husk that can be added after a few months of use after an initial stretch has occurred in the cushion fabric.

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