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Guided Meditation: Returning to Space

If something is said in the meditation that does not resonate with the wisdom that is already inside us then we do not need try and work it out - just forget what has been said and bring our attention back to our body - back to the present.

All our cleverness will never reach the deepest truth of our reality.

When we give up completely trying to find some special truth, some special experience, we see at once that the great peace we have been looking for has never been something separate from us. This great peace is who we really are, prior to all thinking, feeling and perception.

When we look deeply into the present we see our thoughts, feelings, perceptions have a space around them. When we look deeply into the space in our bodies we see that there is no boundary where our body ends and an outside world begins.

When we lay to rest the thinking mind’s need for boundaries and definition, the space that shines through all phenomena naturally becomes clearer and the forms less important.

Just let all thoughts, feelings and perceptions appear together as one seamless texture. One flavor of reality born anew in every moment.  

The whole of space and time is right here and now supporting our practice. There is no other reality.

There is nothing missing from our present state of mind and body. It is just our seeking for some other state that creates in us a feeling of lacking.

Offer this entire mind body to the awakening of all beings.

Offer everything back to the source. From the beginning our suffering never belonged to us - we do not need to hold on to it to stop us from disappearing.

Offer everything back to space and we at once are filled with a love for all things that comes from nowhere.

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