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Its apparent to me that Dogen both practiced and taught koan practice, yet orthodox Soto zen only talks about Shikantaza as a true way to practice Dogen's teaching - why is this?

When we read Dogen and his words touch us deeply, we know less at the end than we did before we started reading. Dogen's teachings are a solvent for rigid thought patterns. This is one of the great gifts he left to the world. What can we truly say we know about the past? Why do we waste time defending positions today about something we cannot know? Is it really in the interests of seeing directly into our own reality, right here and now, that we loose ourselves in opinion building? What does it matter what Dogen's Zen or Soto Zen means to others? Can we find Dogen's Zen deep in the infinite abyss of our own hearts? When we find what Dogen is pointing to, is there any desire left to control the way of others?
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