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Isn't it just too uncomfortable and painful to accept 'what is' sometimes?

Acceptance means completely abandoning the mind that wants something else. The separation we feel between our reality and what we have imagined freedom from pain to be, is our suffering. When we only accept our present reality halfway, then we are still in a state of suffering. In freedom we surrender to our present situation completely without a trace of doubt remaining - as if we were so ill that we have no more energy to resist anymore. We must have the feeling that even if opening to this energy of emotional pain inside kills us, then so be it. We have to come back to the place where an alternative reality cannot persist. Maybe this sounds too hard. But this complete surrender is not personal will. Accepting is not something we do - it is what happens naturally when we put an end to all doing. Therefore it has nothing to do with endurance or will power. We might call it complete unconditional love. Love for all things that comes from nowhere. When we feel acceptance is something that we must make happen, then it is hard to practice. When we give in completely and surrender to what's in front of us, then practice can become very soft, seeing the energy of pain in us with a great wide open love.

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