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What can I do when I become paralyzed worrying about the suffering of others?

When difficult periods come in our life for some this becomes a catalyst for slowing down their lives and looking inward toward the true source of suffering. Whilst we are running here and there in life, looking for happiness outside of ourselves, suffering comes to us all. When we are not willing to directly investigate our attachments, suffering comes to us to help us see the temporary nature of those things we have become attached to. When we are ready to accept this suffering, it can help us return to a place where no pain of body and mind can reach. When we remember how to return to our true heart and truly set foot on our path, then we can only view our past difficulties as blessings. When old patterns of suffering arise again, we can say - 'welcome my friend, lets be together now and see what is real here!'

When we are with others, and can draw on the strength of our own honest investigation and accept them completely (suffering and all) in that moment, without adding anything to the situation, just being there 100% for them: we give them a great gift. We can become a mirror for them in which the transitory nature of their suffering can become clear. Our re-commitment to taking responsibility and looking honestly at our suffering in this way helps all we meet.

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