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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Cosmic Cushion in comparison to the Moonleap Cushion?

The cosmic cushion is not a true ergonomic design nor is it made with the same high quality fabric and components. Our cushion has a number of advantages:-

1. The Moonleap cushion provides a conduit for the meditators Sciatic nerve so numb legs and discomfort becomes much less likely during meditation.
2. The Moonleap cushion distributes weight to the more robust areas of the buttocks and legs and away from the sensitive Sit bones. We use firm spelt outer cushions combined with a soft foam inner cushion to create the optimal comfort.
3. Unique three piece design creates optimal support for forward tilting pelvis for upright effortless sitting.
4. Our cushions are made in the USA using the heaviest quality 100% cotton fabric an thread.

The Cosmic cushion is cheaper than our product, but you would not be getting a high quality product that has been developed over many years to support you in an optimal way.

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