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When meditating using a Cosmic cushion my legs and quickly fall asleep. How would a Moonleap cushion help prevent this?

Pressure directly on the Sciatic nerve where the buttocks meets the back leg is the most common cause of leg numbness during meditation. The Moonleap cushion is the only meditation cushion that provides a conduit for the nerve pathway and hence reduces pressure in the area significantly. The feet and lower legs can also become numb when pressure to the outside of the shin or ankle is sustained. Ensuring pressure is not concentrated here by using a foam wedge or good mat can also help prevent legs falling asleep. Restrictions in the blood flow that provide nutrients to the nerves can also cause them to miss communicate with the brain resulting in pins and needles and numbness so generally ensuring your weight is not concentrated at any one place should be an essential function of any support you use.  If you try our Moonleap cushion and do not find it to be a good solution for you within two weeks you can return it for a full refund.
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