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I get a lot of pain in my butt when meditating on long vipassana retreats, would a Moonleap cushion relieve this discomfort?

I designed the Moonleap cushion to relieve the pain I felt in my own butt when meditating on long Zen retreats. With a more traditional cushion much of the meditators weight is concentrated on the Sit bones which in turn compress the buttock muscles that can become very tender with prolonged sitting. The Moonleap cushion provides two recesses for the Sit bones and eliminates much if not all of this pressure.  If the pain you experience is caused by Sciatic issues the Moonleap cushion may also help with this as no direct pressure is placed where the Sciatic nerve is located at the back of the leg/buttocks join. Pain felt during meditation however, can have many causes both and our product is never going to be a complete fix for everyone. If you buy our product and it doesn't work for you within 2 weeks you can return it for a full refund. Here is an article about understanding tension and relaxation during meditation that may be of interest to you

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