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I cannot pick between the Moonleap cushion and Alexia seat. I saw one website calling the Alexia the Cadillac of meditation seats. Ignoring the price difference, why should I pick one over the other. ?

The Alexia looks like a great product for those who maybe do not sit for such a long period, who's hips are not very open and who do not need to transport their support frequently. The Alexia has been designed is such a way that the hips are lower than the knees when sitting. This rotates the pelvis back and pushes the lower back out so that you would need to engage the back muscles strongly to maintain a upright posture. This will create fatigue, pain and tension in the back, hips and upper legs when used for long periods. The principle reason to use a meditation cushion is to raise the hips higher than the knees to relieve tension in the back.

If you are only wanting to sit in meditation for maybe 15 minuets a day and are not concerned with exploring the merits of a true Lotus or Burmese posture, then the Alexia may be a good choice for you. If, however, you intend to build a stronger sitting practice or go on meditation retreats where you may sit for many hours a day, then I would not recommend the Alexia.

If you are new to meditation and your hips are not very open and you decide to go with the Moonleap cushion then we recommend you watch the video below to determine the best way to use your support.

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