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Hi Harvey. I've been practicing meditation for 18 years and I'm still searching for a cushion that won't make my right leg go numb. My knees are considerably high off the floor when I sit cross legged. Do you recommend I buy a nada chair in addition to one of your cushions for extra support? Thanks?

It certainly wouldn't hurt. However, why not buy either product and see how you do with just the single solution and if it turns out you need additional support then buy the other also : )

Without the Nada chair I would recommend that you place a raiser (folded blanket or foam) under any cushion you use to ensure your knees are lower than your hips. If your knees are lower than your hips then you will reduce any stress to your lower back. I've never used the Nada product myself and have wondered if applying prolonged pressure in the kidney area was a good idea, but there might be only one way to find out : )
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